Shane is a painter from San Antonio, Texas, whose work is an abstraction of the idea of landscape, and the method of landscape painting. He uses handmade tools to create works that while mechanical, still preserves the artist’s hand and an idea of intimacy. The idea of landscape as literal and as illusion is illustrated by the play between actual texture of the surface of the painting and simulated atmospheric depth. Heinemeier has recently added sculpture and installation to his repertoire with collaborative works done with Flux Factory and Alison Ward.

He received a BFA from Pratt Institute in 2007. He has shown at Joan Grona Gallery and Blue Star gallery in San Antonio, and the Dumbo Arts Center, English Kills Gallery, Flux Factory gallery and Studio 111 in New York. He is a member of the artist collective The Flux Factory in Long Island City, Queens, New York. He has done residencies at The Islington Mill in Manchester, England and Flux Factory in New York City.