It’s that time of year again! Join us on November 4th 2017 as we take over downtown Kingsbury for the Habitable Spaces 6th Annual Fall Harvest Festival!

There will be live music, tons of activities, art and food vendors, and of course, the return of the Habitable Spaces Trading Post. She got a makeover, she’s mobile, and now she’s ready to party. She will be stocked full of handmade things like jams, sauces, soaps, and artwork. So bring something handmade of your own and use it to trade for items in the post!

Bring the kiddos! They can come hug a donkey at the Petting Zoo, or make some BBQ money at the Hay Dive.

Not a kid? Don’t worry! How does Pigeon Sh*t Bingo sound? That’s right. This game isn’t only for chickens. Or if “gambling” doesn’t do it for you, Artcodex will be here making molds of peoples faces so they can fill them full of delicious foods, and then people can literally eat their own faces. This is one you can’t miss. You can also browse the Museum of Human Achievement’s mobile gallery.

More details to come!

Would you like to be a vendor? We’d love for you to join us. Click the link for the Vendor Registration Form.


Our regular programming began with our annual Fall Harvest Festival in 2011. The festival melds traditional crafts and a farmer’s market with cutting edge art installations, new media and performances in a country fair setting. In 2015, the Fall Harvest Festival was adopted as an official city festival of Kingsbury.

Harvest Fall Festival

In the Fall of 2014, Habitable Spaces also received a grant from the Idea Fund to launch an interactive performance and art installation at the festival. The Trading Post exchanges farm goods for art. 
By examining the value of art and agricultural commodities in conjunction with each other, The Trading Post expands the vocabulary of art making. It becomes a project that embodies social exploration, performative realities, anthropological experimentation, and living installation sculpture.

Trading Post