Thanks to everyone who helped make our Kickstarter Campaign a success. It has put us well on the way towards building a decent kitchen and heart of the project as well as fund a well to provide running water.

However, this is just the beginning and we are always on the look out for construction materials, tools and other direct donations – if you would like to support the project through a PayPal donation then please make it payable to

If you have any construction materials or tools that you can donate to the project then please get in touch.

At present we are looking for the following MATERIALS:

Lumber (all types)
Water storage and distribution/irrigation – inc. 1000 gallon storage tank.
Cladding materials/roofing

We are also looking for the following TOOLS:
Concrete mixing equipment
Drill kits
Table saws
Ground works/post diggers
Misc. e.g. hammers

Lastly, we are also interested in anyone who has livestock (chickens and goats) to donate but please contact us first to discuss!